What is seo (search engine optimization)

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What is seo (search engine optimization)

Hello friends, I am Bihari Babu, today I am going to tell you what is seo ie search engine optimization? How does Seo work? On page seo etc. and many more.

Introduction : what is seo ?

Friends, in today’s time, if anyone wants any information, then he directly googles it.

And friends, you will get to see many results related to your topic.

So the site which you get to see in the top results. SEO is used to keep those sites in the top.

What is SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) ?

It’s the sum of all the work necessary to produce a high volume of referral hits from search engines , web directories , and other websites , with the ultimate goal of making the website popular .

Basically , It’s the act of optimizing or improving your websites or blog so that it’s being shown on a higher page results from Search Engines indexing .

Example showing your website on first page of Google base on your keyword that was searched .

SEO involves :

Keyword research

-Content development

-Proper website architecture and 33 development

-Competitor analysis

-Link building

-Site Map Creation

– Images / Video optimization


 On – Site SEO

practices focus on building a search engine – friendly websiteand writing optimized content for it to get a better Google ranking .

On – site is the basis of your website’s SEO . With no on – site optimization , off – site optimization is useless .

Off – Site SEO 

Off – site SEO is related to creating links for your website or page on social media channels . It also takes into consideration the analytics so that you can decide what’s been effective and what is not being able to produce desired results , and using that information to keep improving your SEO efforts . So , we can say that it basically focuses social interaction and link building .


The Objective of this Application is to provide you with , basic and Advance Techniques to increase your websites / blog pages ranking , drawing maximum traffic from on Search Engines such as Google , Yahoo , Bing , Duckduckgo . This App also provide SEO techniques for YouTube Videos


By Using this Application , you will come to know how you can pursue good and effective SEO practices and techniques for your own website , and if you adopt them appropriately , you can improve your ranking in a short period of time .

What is Keyword Research ?

Keywords are words or phrases that people type into Google to find results such as businesses , answers to questions , books , images , videos and many others . Some main Keyword Research Tools are ;

– Google Keyword Planner

– Keywordini

– SmRush

– Long tail Pro

– UberSuggest

– Market Samurai

– Bing Research Keywords

Procedure and Tips The easiest way to find keywords for your website is by using Googles Keyword Planner tool and typing your main keyword into Google , Yahoo , and Bing then , the search engines will show you related keyword phrases base on your Keyword . You can equally use Übersuggest to quickly find new keywords not available in the Google Keyword Planner . This takes your keyword research to the next level with tons of keyword ideas for SEO , PPC and your next content marketing campaign . https://ubersuggest.io/

Google Keyword planner


– Go to Google AdWords Sign in with your Google account or Create one and its free ,

– Once in your Account go to Tools and click on Keyword Planner Click on :

search for new keyword and ads group ideas or Landing page

– Put in your keyword and click on get ideas ,

– Googles keyword planner will give you ads group ideas and you can switch to Keyword ideas

– Results contain , keyword ( by relevance )

Average monthly search , competition , suggested bid , and you can sort them using any of the categories

– Click on a results will give you more results .

– On the right sidebar ,

you can use the keyword filter , keyword options ,

include / exclude words , change language , negative keyword and many other – Finally , you can use Google Trends .

So , just Search Google Trends , and it is obviously the first result . You put in your target keyword , click the magnifying glass button , and itll show you the trends over the last , in this case , almost 10 years of that keyword .

As you can see , interest has gone up and its kind of gone down , and its been all over the place .

Keyword volume

Were not really using this to see keyword volume . Were going to use it to find ideas . What we want to do is scroll to the bottom . Under this related terms its default to top , and this just means the most popular terms that are somewhat related . You can sometimes find some really great keywords here , like WordPress . Obviously , thats not a keyword we would target , but maybe something like WordPress SEO would be something thats laterally related and wouldnt show up in a tool .

You want to click on the rising button . This shows you keywords that are rising in search volume , like Joomla SEO.

Joomla is a CMS thats an alternative to WordPress . This is an article that you might want to build an article around , or you can use it as a seed keyword . This is another great way to find keywords that dont appear using the other tools , and you also get some trend information to see that maybe the search volume doesnt show up as very high in the Keyword Planner , but considering its a breakout keyword according to Google its one you may want to target to be a little bit ahead of the curve and ahead of your competition .

Keyword research is really important . This seems time consuming and it kind of is , but its really important to find those keywords that dont show up in this tool . Because those are the keywords that everyone is going after .

If you can find some keywords that your competition doesnt even know about you can steal a lot of their traffic , because they dont know to even go after that keyword .

Tips – For Beginners  about SEO

Do a Google Search on your main keywords of your websites , and see the pages that are on the first page . Find a website in the first page of the results , you can take the URL of the websites , go to the google keyword planner tool and paste it in the URL on the google AdWords keyword planner are landing page , get ideas , this gives you list of keywords that the websites is ranks for and other interesting analytical information , you can use that to improve the SEO of your websites or business .



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