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A commercial pilot licence allows a person to act as a pilot in a commercially operated aircraft. A commercial pilot is a pilot who flies planes that ordinary passengers use to get from one point to another. A commercial pilot licence holder’s job involved a variety of tasks, including operating an aircraft, fixed-schedule flights, crop dusters, and rescue missions.

A commercial pilot’s profession is a highly specialized sector of employment in which one’s abilities must be upper because flying an aircraft involves several risks. One must have an understanding of areas such as air navigation, as well as the ability to evaluate meteorological reports and properly explain the challenges encountered. Aside from that, one must be able to operate efficiently on complicated technological systems found in planes. Not only that, but a commercial pilot should be able to guide the plane through any obstacle faced when flying, such as bad weather, thunderstorms, turbulence, and other similar circumstances.

Because the work has many obligations, the pilot must be disciplined, patient, prompt, and dedicated to the task. If a person meets these requirements and passes the licensure exam, he or she is eligible to fly commercially. Several airlines, both domestic and international, recruit certified commercial pilots.

Types of Commercial Pilot License (CPL)

Commercial Pilot License (CPL) is a course for pilot licence certification that is neither a degree nor a diploma. When it comes to flying an aeroplane, however, there are several types of licences available.

Student Pilot License- To be eligible for a student pilot’s licence, you must be 16 years old (minimum). Class 10 is the minimal requirement for becoming a student pilot.

Private Pilot License- Several people want to be pilots in order to pursue their passion for flying. The curriculum will last around 4-6 months. To apply for a private pilot licence, an individual must complete 40 hours of flying.
Commercial Pilot License- To become a commercial pilot, you must have logged at least 200 flight hours. The applicant must be at least 18 years old and have finished his or her 10+2 with a scientific stream (Maths + Physics are required).

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Eligibility for a Commercial Pilot License

Some eligibility criteria must be met in order to be considered for a commercial pilot position.

The following are the details:

To get a commercial pilot’s licence, an individual must first be 18 years old. It is the minimum age requirement for a commercial pilot licence, with a maximum age range of 60 to 65.

He or she must have earned a 10+2 diploma.

Physics and mathematics must be taken as required topics in 10+2.

A candidate must pass two medical examinations to be eligible for CPL.

Admissions for Commercial Pilot Licenses

In India, there are various options for earning a commercial licence for a pilot. Either one might finish his or her flight hours first and then take the licensing examination on their own. The other, more common option is to enrol in a flight school that educates about flying, assists the candidate in completing the required flying hours, and prepares him or her for the licensing exam.
To be eligible for flying training and, ultimately, to apply for a licence, an applicant must pass an aptitude exam.

Top Commercial Pilot License Exams

Every year, a flying institution in the country called as Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Uran Akademi conducts the IGRUA admission test. Workers are trained to become commercial pilots at the academy. Qualifying for an online written test, which is a computer-based test, is the key to enrolling into the course. The interview stage is followed by a pilot aptitude exam, commonly known as a reliability test. Every round of the test must be passed by the candidates.

The candidates who will qualify the online written test are invited for the personal interview session. After a candidate has passed the personal interview round, he or she will be scheduled for the pilot aptitude exam. An aspiring commercial pilot’s ultimate selection is based on his or her performance on the aptitude exam.

Commercial Pilot License Courses

CPL refers to a form of licence rather than a degree or course. However, there are a variety of licences available for the pilot. The following are the details:

Student Pilot’s License- For those over the age of 16, this is a learner’s licence.

Private Pilot License- For people who desire to become a pilot as a hobby. It’s a three-to-four-month programme.

Commercial Pilot License – Becoming a commercial pilot and applying for a licence takes roughly a year. To become a commercial pilot, one must have reached the age of eighteen.

Fee of a Commercial Pilot License

After passing the AME CET 2022 national level entrance exam, the applicant will be eligible to enrol in top Commercial Pilot License (CPL) colleges and get up to 100% scholarship according on their all-India rank (AIR). The cost of a pilot course varies from institute to institute; however, it is often hefty for NRI students. The course fees are also determined by the college’s infrastructure, instructors, and other amenities. In certain colleges, students can also apply for educational loans from banks and pay their costs in EMIs.

The fee of a commercial pilot licence includes a variety of charges, and the total cost of commercial pilot training is included in the cost of flying. Depending on the institute, the average cost of a CPL aviation course ranges from 20 lakhs to 50 lakhs.

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