How To Prepare For JEE Mains Exams

Hey Everyone, Hope you are doing well in this article we are talking about How To Prepare For JEE Mains Exams. Every year lakhs of lakhs student’s appear for JEE Mains. Manu students dropped studies just to sit in exam of JEE Mains. This is happens because many students want to give more and more time to its preparation, they don’t get satisfaction with their preparation, or make wrong strategies without have knowledge about exams. This also happens because the more students prepare for JEE, the best they got the Institute and College for them. If you are preparing from years for the exams, but if you are getting desired result than here are some tips by which you can get a help to prepare for the JEE Mains.

How To Prepare For JEE Mains Exams These are the Steps Given Below:-

  • Forget about society.
  • Revision and self analysis.
  • Divide and Practice.
  • Solve previous year question paper and mock test paper.
  • Practice from right source.
  • Analyse your last attempt, if any.


We live in a society where every steps of our life is judge by the public. Whether it is good or bad, our society cannot be shut without commenting on anyone. As I mentioned above, many students dropped schools, studies just to be in the JEE Exam Hall, and in that situation, our society came to criticize your decision, and make your decision wrong. But in that place you have be polite and positive, do not pressurize the words of society over you. Ignore all the negative thoughts as much as you can. The day you start focusing on negative things, you will lose your destination, dream.


Before D day, What you have to do is that you have to do a strong revision and than you have to analysis your self that you practiced well or not. When you revise your subject, divide equal timing for 3ach subject. Give equal importance to each and every subject.
Once you complete you revision than analyse your self by solving questions of those subject which practice in previous days. It gives you an Idea about your practice and revision, if you able to solve the problems without any hesitation, issue than you can say that you are ready to give an exam, but if you are facing issue anywhere than again start the practice.


Preparing for exams doesn’t meant that you only study. You and your brain also needs refreshments, which is very important. So, when you make your study plan, divide your days with study hour, playing hour, refreshment hour. When you have to study, when you have to play. By this you can not get more burden over your shoulder. You will feel better and do more study with more concentration which will give benefit to you only. Study plan is very important specially whenever you are going to appear this types of exams and according to your study plan, practice your subjects only.
Point out the most important topic first and than the least important topics.


What can be better than previous year question paper and Mock Test Paper for practice?
If you are going to prepare for JEE mains exams than you are well aware about the exam’s format. You will be familiar with the techniques, and methods of the JEE Mains Exam. Bring Mock Test Papers through online or offline, borrow question paper from seniors or from your friends who appeared exam earlier, and than practice by your self. First of all revise the subjects which are required in exams, than practice question paper and mock test paper. Solve as much as you can. Only you will be beneficial.


Yes, if you are going to appear for the exam for the first time than for practice than analyse, search, choose the best source for the practices. Source may be online or offline. When you search for the books online than you have to search more and more. Once you get the reliable source for practice than you ready to go.
And, if you are going to repeat the exam again in another year than don’t change your books, keep preparing for the exam with the same book.


If you have experienced JEE mains earlier than this the most important step for you. Because you already experienced the exam. Now in next attempt you have to analyse where you lacked in previous exam, what you had not done in previous attempt. All you have to do in the next attempt and have to give 100 percent for this time.

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