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Tips To How Can You Prepare For Board Exams

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Hey Everyone, Hope you are doing well In this article we have talk about tips To How Can You Prepare For Board Exams. We are now just at the end of the month of January. In just two to three months students of Class 10 are going to appear for their board exams. Every year lakhs of lakhs students appear for board exams and move on to cross an important part of their life. Board Exams are very important for our life. After completing the 10th standard many of the Student goes for junior college, many of the Student go for 11 and 12th standard. It depends on the student, but after completing board exams.

We also hear the news every year that many students failed in exams. Do you know why? Because they didn’t prepare for exams. And preparing for exams before appearing exams is very essential for the students. Those students who passed the exams with good marks started preparing for exams a month before the d day.

I have tried to bring you some preparation tips for you by which you can brilliantly prepare for your exams. See, this is not any type of magic formula for you, but at least by following these tips you can secure a really good result in your board exams.

Here, are the Tips To How Can You Prepare For Board Exams, which you Can follow when you going to appear for the exams.

  1. Prepare your productive Study Plan.
  2. Make a proper schedule.
  3. Don’t take too much in your plate.
  4. Solving Sample Papers.
  5. Do Exercise and Yoga Asana daily for Concentration.


The foremost thing you have to do is to make a Study Plan. Study Plan means what you will study, how much you study, how will you study. It really motivates you for study and towards achieving your target. Before making study plan, you have to keep some topics in your mind, like which subject you have to learn or practice. Study Plan also includes What is the right to sleep and wake up in morning. Study Plan makes every thing easy in exams. If you study according to the plan, than you question paper will become your friend and you starts loving books, exams, and studies.


Every subject has its most important topics. In classroom also, our teachers mark important topics for the exams, and asked us to practice or revise those topics for exams. Divide the important topic from the least important topic and first focus on those important and difficult question. Once you finished it, than go for the least important topics. Apart from all this, also focus on those topics which has high weightage in exams, it means most of the questions came from those high weightage topics.


If you have made a plan, so be stuck on it. Just to complete all the syllabus earlier you can’t study more than your Plan, more than your abilities. Don’t give burden to your brain. ‘Small quantity digest easily and early’. Always keep this thought in your mind. Wake up with clear mind every day and try to give less pressure as much as you can.


The bestest way to prepare for the exam, solve, solve and solve previous year question paper, sample papers of every subject. If you do it regularly, you got the crystal clear idea of how the question paper sets for you ( students). Every day, set your clock for three hours, create ambience as you are sitting in your exam hall and forget that you are in your room for whole three hours. By this, you give idea, glimpse to your self and as well as to your. By solving Sample Papers, you will be mentally prepared for the exam.


There are many yoga Asana and meditation by which you can increase Concentration. Many professionals, sports person, athletes do meditation, yoga, exercises everyday to keep their concentrated on their target. You know, Meditation, Yoga have direct connection with the studies. When you sit for the solving your sample papers, be in Meditation for at least 5 minutes and recall whatever you have revised or practice, open your eyes and start solving Sample Papers. Like wise, do the same thing when you will be in exam hall.

So, All The Best for your forthcoming exams and for future exams. I hope this tips will help you in your exams days, and I’ll pray for all my readers and for the all the students who are going to appear board exams this year.

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