3 ways to Earn Money Online Without Investment in 2022

3 ways to earn money online without investment in 2022

earn money online

Hello friends, I am Bihari Babu, I keep giving you information related to tech. Let’s read about how to earn money online.

Corona came to the whole world only in 2019. And its new variants keep coming. As if omicron has just arrived.

And to save from this epidemic, the government had to impose lockdown again.
Again many people lost their jobs and they sat at home.

So, friends, I have come up with 3 ways for you people by which you can earn good money sitting at home and run your family expenses.

(3 ways to earn money online without investment )

You do not need any qualification for this work and this can be done by students, housewives, and any other person. You just have to have a little patience.

So let’s know about all three one by one.

So, friends that I am going to make you, you must have heard this before.

1. YouTube
2. Website
3. Affiliate marketing or digital marketing

Friends, you must be thinking that it is not so easy to earn money from this or everyone tells this, then read this article completely and you will understand.

1. How to earn money online from YouTube

Now we show how we can make money from youtube.

And those who do not know that you can earn money from YouTube, then let me tell them that yes we can do very good work from YouTube.
YouTube also has many ways to earn. we see it one by one

1. Make a YouTube channel and get it monetized.
2. Earn From link shortener.

1. How to create a YouTube channel.

So friends if you want how to create a YouTube channel.

but some requirements for YouTube channel.
Mobile or pc
Email ID

So please follow these some steps:-

1. Go to your YouTube and sign in

Sign in option will be visible on the right side of your YouTube app, press it and singing

2. Head over to your YouTube app settings

In your YouTube app, press on the profile icon on the upper right side and then click on Create your channel

3. Create your channel

Next, you will have the option to create your personal channel or create a channel using your business or another name. For this example, you choose the “Use customs name” option, which is best for small businesses and brands’ purpose.

2. Earn From link shorteners through creating a YouTube channel.

Friends, you must know about Link shortener that you can also earn money from Link Shotner with Link Shotner. So you can bring traffic on Link Shotner with the help of your YouTube channel.
By shooting a link to any pdf, game, and another such downloadable thing, you can put it in the description of your video.

So friends this was the way to earn money from YouTube.

2. How to earn money from a website.

If you search anything on Google, you must have shown many results.

So on whose site you would see, you would have had a promotional show on that site, then friends, the honor of that site earn money from website. So if you also want to earn money, then you also do not have to make a web-site. So let’s see how to make a website and what does it take

® Requirements for creating a website

1. You want a top-level Domin name
Like:- .com , .xyz , .in , .org etc

If you want to know how to buy a Domin-name and which Domin is best then search on YouTube and get the videos.

2. You want hosting to host your website. If your website needs hosting.

Because two best website builder is blogger and WordPress

WordPress is best for all. And WordPress provides plugins to easy your work. And it needs hosting for host WordPress websites.

Blogger is best for beginners who create a website first time. And blogger is not providing any kind of plugin. And it does not need hosting to host a blogger website.

3. The most important thing for a website is content writing.
To earn money from the site you have to take knowledge about content writing.

4. SEO is search engine optimization. It is used to rank or boost your website on top in Google search results.

So these are the requirements for making a website.

You do all this and you will get a site, then you can bring traffic with the help of SEO.

And then you can use any add network. And from this, you will earn a lot of money

3. How to earn money from Affiliate marketing or digital marketing

Friends, before earning money from affiliate marketing, let us know what this is?

So you can understand affiliate marketing in such a way that if you order a product from Amazon, then you do not go to Amazon and buy it from my link, then you will get the same price but I will get a commission for your product. so friends it’s good.

So friends, first of all, you should create an account on an affiliate website with someone and promote the affiliate link of his product.

Best five affiliate program website.
1. Amazon
2. Clickbank
3. Hostinger
4. Flipkart (shopsy)
5. Affiliaxe

Now the question arises that how to promote it?

Use these steps for promoting your affiliate link

1. Instagram:- create a reals video and post a link in your bio
2. Facebook:- create a post of your product
3. YouTube:- give your product link on your description
4. Website:- create a review website and give your affiliate link on site.

5. Share with your friends who want to buy a product.

And if you want to know how to create an affiliate account then go to YouTube and search this. And you get more videos about creating affiliate marketing.

So, friends, I hope you have understood well, if you have any kind of problem, you can ask in the comment box. And if you want to know about any other topic, you can comment. So friends stay safe at home in this corona epidemic and earn money online sitting at home.

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